Skyzone SKY02S V3

  • Skyzone SKY02S V3

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Brand: Skyzone

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The Skyzone SKY02S v3 goggles are a great option and very highly rated in the FPV community. With all the bell's and whistles, including 3D, DVR, diversity receiver, a front camera and even built in head tracking, there isn't much these goggles dont offer.


3D Vision FPV Goggles,more vivid visual experience as a whole.
Can also work in normal diversity mode in 2D vision.
Built-in 5.8Ghz Diversity Receiver and two independent video display modules  It requests the 3D camera SKY301 and the dual transmitter SKY201.
Well compatible with SKY201 and most of other transmitters.
Supports 4 Bands and total 40channels

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