Realacc 20X20mm Super_S F7 Flight Controller

  • Realacc 20X20mm Super_S F7 Flight Controller

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The Realacc 20x20mm runs on MPU 6000 and supports SBUS, IBUS and DSMX receiver.   It also features built-in 5V1A BEC output.

Brand: Realacc

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Realacc 20X20mm Super_S F7 Flight Controller Betaflight STM32F745VGT6 2-4S BEC 5V1A 20X20mm


Brand name: Realacc
Item name: Super_S F7 Flight Controller
Factory default firmware: betaflight_3.1.7_ANYFCF7
Processor: STM32F745VGT6 LQFP-100 216MHz
Sensor: MPU6000
Input voltage: 2-4S
Built-in 5V1A BEC output
Support SBUS, IBUS, DSMX receiver
Serial port: 8
I2C port: 1
SPI: 1
Motor output port: 4

Hole size: 20*20MM
Size: 27*27MM

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