ImpulseRC - Alien RR5 Rotor Riot Kit

  • ImpulseRC Alien RR5 Rotor Riot Kit
  • Center Shot of a complete RR5 Kit
  • Part Detail on the RR5 Kit
  • Included Parts with RR5 Kit

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The ImpulseRC Alien RR5 from Rotor Riot is a proven build kit. Included is the frame and accessories you need. Just add your own electronics.

Brand: ImpulseRC

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The ImpulseRC Alien RR5 from Rotor Riot is a proven build kit. Included is the frame and accessories you need to build your own Alien 5". Just add your own electronics and you're good to go.

This kit is a great choice for someone looking to build their first quadcopter. All the small parts that you would have to seek out one-by-one are included here. This combined with a detailed build video (below) take lots of possible heartache out of building something fully custom piece-by-piece.


  • Alien Frame Kit (plates, PDB, hardware, LiPo pad)
  • XT60 Pigtail
  • Needed Silicone Wire
  • Battery Straps
  • Landing Pads
  • 2 Diamond Files
  • Rapstrap & Zip Ties

Also see the original Alien 5" frame.


Alien Frame Specs:

  • Size: 225mm Motor to Motor
  • Weight w/o Accessories: 135g
  • X Frame Style
  • Motor Protected Arm Design
  • Adjustable Tilt Camera Mount (0 - 45 degrees)
  • Camera Support: HS1177 or Similar
  • 4mm Arms
  • 2mm Bottom Plate

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