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True "X" frame, suitable for racing and freestyle flying. Coming in 3 size options, the LX4 195mm, LX5 220mm and LX6 255m. A very well made and solid frame.

Brand: GEPRC

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Strong aviation aluminum #7075 CNC body.
3K high strength carbon board to ensure that the framework is strong.
Integrated aluminium alloy structure to steady the 4 frame arms.
4mm thickness and 13.5mm width frame arms' design.
True "X" frame, suitable for racing and freestyle flying.
Adjustable camera angle, adjustable 60 degrees.
Use YFS screws.
With 2 camera side plates, supports HS1190, HS1170, Swift, OVL camera.
With a XT60 PDB integrated BEC (5/12v output)


  • Brand: GEPRC
  • Item: LX Leopard Racing Frame
  • Material: 3K carbon fiber & #7075 aviation aluminum
  • PDB: 5V 3A & 12V 0.5A BEC
  • Screws: YFS 12.9
  • Thickness of frame arm: 4mm
  • Thickness of side plate: 2mm
  • Thickness of other plates: 1.5mm
  • Wheelbase:
    LX4: 185mm
    LX5: 220mm
    LX6: 255mm
  • Size:
    LX4: 175*175mm
    LX5: 195*195mm
    LX6: 220*220mm
  • Weight:
    LX4: 109g
    LX5: 114g
    LX6: 123g

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