Flyduino - KISS FC 32bit

  • Flyduino KISS Flight Controller
  • Top of KISS FC
  • Bottom of KISS FC
  • USB Connector End on KISS FC
  • UART Connector End on KISS FC

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The KISS Flight Controller continues the Flyduino line of Keep it Super Simple products. Minimal configuration gets you in the air as quickly as possible.

Brand: Flyduino

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The KISS Flight Controller continues the Flyduino line of Keep it Super Simple products. The FC is designed to require minimal configuration to get you in the air as quickly as possible. This board is designed to communicate with the KISS line of ESC's like the 24A Race Edition model. This gives you telemetry capabilities to monitor things like voltage, consumption, ESC temperature, and motor RPM via the GUI or an on-screen display.

Configuration is done via the KISS GUI program. The GUI allows you to tweak settings as well as quickly load tuning settings from other KISS users around the world.

Most current version is v1.03 which includes the following updates from previous versions:

  • Changed bootloader solder pads to a button.
  • Changed USB port.


  • STM32F303CCT6 F3 Processor
  • MPU6050 Gyro
  • Weight: 4.6g
  • Mounting Pattern: 30 x 30mm with 3.2mm mounting holes
  • Voltage: 2-6 Cell LiPos
  • Supports Tri, Quad, and Hexa Copters
  • Supported Radio Receivers:
    • PPM Sum
    • Spektrum Satelite (serial / DSM2 & DSMX)
    • Futaba / Taranis SBUS
    • Jeti ExBus
    • Graupner SumD / SumO
    • MultiPlex
    • Classic RX with Single Channel Output

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