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The KISS 24A Race Edition ESC is the standard sized racing drone ESC offering from Flyduino. 32 bit ARM MCU, Telemetry, Regenerative Braking, and more.

Brand: Flyduino

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The 24A Race Edition ESC is a star in the Keep it Super Simple (KISS) product line from Flyduino. These Electronic Speed Controllers feature OneShot, regenerative braking, and a high resolution feel on the sticks due to the 32 bit ARM microcontrollers. The 2-5s LiPo rating with the 24amp constant current draw makes these the ideal ESC's for all popular racing frame sizes.

In addition these chips can deliver voltage, current draw, mAh consumption, temperature, and motor RPM via telemetry when connected to a supporting flight controller like the KISS FC. This feature allows you to monitor and fine tune your build all the way down to the individual ESC level. A small jumper can be soldered to reverse the motor direction.


  • 32 Bit ARM Cortex MCU at 48Mhz
  • Hardware PWM: Yes
  • Telemetry Capable
  • Regenerative Braking and Active Freewheeling
  • Accurate RPM control (roughly 950 steps)
  • Dimensions: 19x27mm
  • Weight: 3.6g
  • Battery Support: 2-5S LiPo (8.4 - 21v)
  • Max Current: 24A Continuous
  • Supports DShot, OneShot 125, OneShot 42, and normal PWM - Auto detection
  • Instantaneous maximum current 30A active limited
  • 500,000 ERPM maximum field speed (450,000 recommended)
  • Over current and over temperature protection

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Average rating of 5 stars out of 5 from 1 review(s).

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5 Stars Out of 5
Submitted on: August 16, 2016
These make all the difference

I was previously flying the DYS XM20A ESC's and after switching to these KISS 24A's I can never go back. You're paying almost twice the price compared to budget options, but it is 100% worth it. So smooth, no vibrations. You're going to save money in the long run because these will treat your motors so much better. There is a reason the top pro's use these, and I won't be quick to switch away from them.

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