Favourite FVT LittleBee Summer 35A 2-4S BLHeli_32 ESC Dshot1200

  • Favourite FVT LittleBee Summer 35A 2-4S BLHeli_32 ESC Dshot1200

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Brand: Favourite

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Support Oneshot125,Oneshot42,Mutishot and at least Dshot1200  etc.
Main IC:runs on an ARM 32bit MCU(STM32F051),running at 48MHz
MOS:Both low and high side fets are Nfets,szie is 5*6,easy to heat
programmable pwm frequency, up to 48kHz,run motors even smoother
Low voltage and temperature protection has new function and grow performance soon,example telemetry function


Brand name: Favourite
Item name: Summer 35A ESC
Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo
Continue Current:35A,Burst Current:40A up to 10S
Firmware: BLHeli-32 Bootloader
Size: 27*15mm.
Weight:8g(include Power and signal wire)

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