F4 FLAME Race Spec STM32F405 Flight Controller

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F4 FLAME Race Spec STM32F405 Flight Controller Built-in BETAFLIGHT OSD 5V BEC PDB Current Sensor


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- Advanced STM32F405RGT6 processor, onboard 16MB flash for flight data logging
- MPU6000 connected via SPI, high-speed data sampling
- BetaFlight OSD designed for tuning PID via transmitter
- Integrated with current sensor and 5V 3A BEC
- 6 x 3oz copper PCB supports 2 - 6S LiPo and up to 300A current
- Compatible with mainstream receivers, such as SBUS / PPM / DSMX receivers etc.
- Supports buzzer, LED strip, voltage monitoring, and BLHeli - S ESC programming
- Over 90 imported ceramic capacitors, resistant to high voltage, reduce counter electromotive force for clear FPV


-STM32F405 MCU, 8K
-MPU6000 SPI bus
-built-in BETAFLIGHT OSD, PID tuning
-built-in 5V/3A BEC
-built-in current sensor
-directly weld PDB
-16M Flash
-support receiver SBUS,PPM,DSMX
-with buzzer, LED program, voltage monitor, BLHELI-S ESC program
-the back have 90+ CAP, prevent the counter emf of motor and make the image more clear

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