Devel 4 Bind-N-Fly

  • Devel 4 Bind-N-Fly

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Brand: Avant

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 Complete built "Bind-N Fly". You only need a radio and battery to get this little quad going. This quad is custom built to the lightest possible.  Latest firmware will be flashed to the Flight Controller and ESC.  Due to the strong magnets of BH Tornado T1 1407 motor, flight controller will be soft-mounted with silicone o-rings to help minimize any oscillations. ESC is running Dshot600 and PID is tuned as well . Highly suggest to use 4s 850mah Lipo-1000mah



  • 1x Devel 4 frame kit
  • 1x New Sunrise Cicada 25a 4in1 micro Esc (20x20mm) "NEW"
  • 4x Brotherhobby Tornado T1 1407-3600KV
  • 1x BeeRotor mini F4 Flight Conrtroller with OSD (20x20mm)
  • 1x DYS MI200 25-200mw switchable Video Transmitter  (Modified version with whip antenna 4.2g)
  • 1x Frsky XM dual antenna micro Rx (with Rssi setup)
  • 1x Runcam Micro Swift 2 or Runcam Swift 2
  • 1 set of DAL J4045 (Free of Charge)
  • 1 extra battery strap (Free of Charge)
  • 1x XT-30 connector

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