Cobra Motors - CM-2204 2300Kv

  • Cobra Motors 2204 2300kv Motor
  • Cobra 2204 2300kv Top
  • Cobra 2204 2300kv Kit

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Brand: Cobra Motors

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The CM-2204 2300Kv motor from Cobra Motors is a common sized race spec motor for mini-quads. These motors feature an integrated 5 mm threaded shaft. They come without bullet connectors and are pre-tinned to be soldered directly to your electronic speed controllers. The nylon locking nuts keep your props tight during flight.


  • 1x CM-2204 2300Kv Motor
  • 4x M3x5mm Motor Mount Screws
  • 4x M3 Flat Washers
  • 1x Machined Aluminum Prop Washer
  • 1x Locking Prop Nut with Nylon Insert


  • Size: 2204
  • 2300Kv
  • Stator Diameter: 22.0 mm
  • Stator Thickness: 4.0 mm
  • Number of Stator Slots: 12
  • Number of Magnet Poles: 14
  • Maximum Continuous Current: 17 Amps
  • Weight: 24.6 grams (0.87 oz.)

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