BrainFPV - RE1 Flight Controller + OSD

  • BrainFPV RE1 F4 Flight Controller + OSD
  • Showing RE1 + mPB Stacked
  • BrainFPV RE1 Pinout Diagram

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The BrainFPV RE1 (Racing Edition 1) flight controller integrates an F4 based chip with a built-in OSD. Features high quality accelerometer & gyroscope sensors.

Brand: BrainFPV

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The BrainFPV RE1 (Racing Edition 1) flight controller integrates an F4 based chip with a built-in OSD. Features high quality accelerometer & gyroscope sensors. This controller is built with racing in mind: a two direction, programmable race transponder is on-board. The transponder is programmable through the OSD and supports both iLap and Trackmate.

The RE1 is designed to be easily stack able with the mPB PDB.


  • RE1 Flight Controller
  • 2 IR LEDs for Built-In Race Transponder
  • BrainFPV Strap


  • STM32 F446RET6, Coretx-M4, 32bit, 180MHz, 128kB RAM, 512kB Flash F4 Processor
  • Bosch Sensortec BMI160 IMU
  • dRonin or Betaflight GUI Configuration
  • On-Screen Display: Full Graphic NTSC/PAL Auto Supported
  • On-board Memory: 16MB
  • LED Lighting Support
  • Receiver Support: PPM, SBus (built-in inverter) DSM, HoTT
  • Telemetry Support: FrSKY Smart Port, FrSKY Sensor Hub, HoTT Telemetry, UAV Talk, Light Telemetry. Built-in inverter for FrSKY telemetry.
  • Race Transponder: Built In Bi-Directional with Support for I-Lap & Trackmate
  • Dedicated 5v Buzzer Port
  • Dimensions: 36 x 36 mm with 30.5 mm mounting
  • Weight: 8g

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