Blade - Nano QX Ready-to-Fly

  • Blade Nano QX Ready to Fly Kit
  • Nano QX Size
  • Nano QX top
  • Nano QX Side
  • Nano QX Back
  • Front Angle of Nano QX
  • Nano QX in Flight

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Brand: Blade

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The Nano QX by Blade is a micro quadcopter small enough to fly in any room or office. This is a ready-to-fly kit including everything you need to get flying today. The ultra lightweight copter features an auto-leveling mode as well as a high performance agility mode. The blade guards keep your propellers from being damaged in a crash.


  • Yellow and green bodies with sharp Nano QX graphics
  • Replacement propellers
  • MLP4DSM 4-channel DSMX transmitter with batteries
  • E-flite® 1S 3.7V 150mAh 25C Li-Po Battery
  • USB Li-Po battery charger

Also see the Bind-and-Fly Nano QX.


  • SAFE™ technology with stability and agility modes
  • Tough, lightweight airframe with blade guards
  • 6 mm Brushed motors that provide smooth and powerful lift
  • 4-in-1 DSMX Receiver/ESCs/mixer/SAFE sensor unit
  • Weight: 16.5g
  • Length: 140 mm
  • SKU: BLH7600

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