The video transmitter (also known as a VTX) relays video footage from the FPV camera to the video receiver.  This allows the footage to be displayed on FPV goggles.  Although FPV signal quality and range can be impacted by a variety of factors, the more accurate the VTX is at transmitting the intended frequency, the better FPV signal quality and range you will get.   With numerous VTX's on the market, we narrow down your search by outlining features to look for and our top picks.


Pit Mode

Pit Mode is an important feature if you are going to be racing your quadcopter or flying in groups and is a great feature to have if you are flying solo.  It allows you to reduce mW's (essentially 0mW) to a nominal level, providing the option to move to frequencies not used by other fliers so that you do not interrupt active channels causing other pilots to crash.

Weight & Form Factor

If you are going to be racing your quadcopter, a small and light VTX will be ideal to keep net weight to a minimum.  If you are going to be doing trick flying, you may prefer something with a bit more weight so that it feels stable in the air.  An ideal form factor is important if you are limited and also frees up space for other extras you may want to add to your build.

Output Power

The thought that more output power will give you additional range is not the case.  This is because using a higher mW uses more power resulting in increased heat that essentially gets "wasted".  Most users find that 25 mW is ideal for indoor flying or small races with many pilots and that 600 mW is the best option for long range solo flying.  A conservative option that provides the best of both worlds would be 200 mW.


A video transmitter can be set to broadcast on a specific frequency or channel.  It is common to find 32 or 40 channels on a VTX.  Having a larger number of available channels is handy if you will be flying with other pilots as each pilot will fly on a different frequency to avoid interference.  Although the general consensus is that 32 or 40 channels are suitable for most pilots, we are starting to see products with more channels such as the Eachine VTX03 Super Mini which boasts a whopping 72.  It is important to note that not all channel frequencies are legal to use and regulations vary depending on country.

Solder Pads

There are several VTX's on the market that come with pre-tinned solder pads.  Although there is a bit of setup work involved, you will no longer have to discard your VTX just because a connector is broken.


While the most popular connector is SMA, VTX antenna connectors are available in SMA and RP-SMA.  Ensure you purchase a VTX that is compatible with the connectors on your antennas.  Although adapters are an option, be aware that there may be power loss.

Top 5 Video Transmitters


TBS Unify Pro VTX


$30.00 - $50.00
  • V3 ($40.00) – Output power 25mW to 800mW, but only accepts 5V input strictly
  • HV ($50.00) – Output power 25mW to 800mW, and accepts
  • Race ($30.00) – Output power 25mW to 200mW, and accepts 2S-6S LiPo input (up to 25.2V)


  • Pit Mode
  • Smart Audio which allows you to connect the VTX to your FC, and change VTX settings with your radio TX and OSD
  • CleanSwitch technology enables the user to power on and change channels while other fliers are in the air, without any external interference
  • Supports 40 Channels
  • Weighs 5g (V3) and 7g (HV & Race) *VTX only
  • 17(H) x 24(W) x 4(D) mm (V3) and  22 (H) x 30 (W) x 4 (D) mm (HV & Race)
  • SMA connector (V3,HV & Race) and RP-SMA (V3 & HV)


Tramp HV VTX


  • Output power 1mW to 600mW, 2s-6s HV Lipo


  • Pit Mode
  • "Anti-glitch" mode which allows video transmitters to power up cleanly on their assigned channel without wiping out neighbouring channels
  • Offers thermal protection by constantly monitoring temperatures and automatically reducing power to increase battery life and protect the transmitter
  • Fully screened RF deck to provide protection against dust, dirt and knocks
  • A telemetry port allows integration with an quadcopter equipped with a spare serial port
  • Supports 48 channels
  • Weighs 4g *VTX only
  • Dimensions of L=32mm x W=20mm x H=8mm
  • SMA connector

Matek VTX-HV

Matek VTX HV


  • Output power 25mW to 500mW, 2-6s Lipo input


  • BEC Output of 5V/1A for Camera or Flight Controller
  • BFCMS (BFOSD & LUA Script) control via FC UART _TX
  • Firmware is upgradeable
  • Supports 40 channels
  • Direct solder pads
  • Weighs 6g *VTX only
  • Dimensions of 36 x 22 x 6.5mm with 30.5mm mounting
  • SMA connector

RDQ Mach2

mach 2 VTX


  • Output power 0mW to 800mW, 7v-24v direct input


  • Pit Mode
  • U.FL or MMCX (more durable, easier to maintain and switch out antennas) version
  • Audio Control which allows you to control your VTX settings through your OSD and the audio pad
  • Transmits on channels that are not frequently used and are legal in the United States
  • Onboard microphone
  • LED display shows channel, band and power
  • Direct solder pads
  • Supports 48 channels
  • Weighs 6g *VTX only
  • Dimensions of 29.5(H) x 20(D) x 8 (W) mm (U.FL) and 30.5(H) x 20(D) x 8 (W) mm (MMCX)
  • SMA connector

Eachine VTX03 Super Mini

Eachine VTX03 Super Mini



  • Output power 0mW to 200mW, 3.2v-5.5v


  • Pit Mode
  • Comes with 5.8Ghz IPEX antenna
  • Direct solder pads
  • Supports 72 channels
  • Weighs 2.97g
  • Dimensions of 21.43*15.20mm(L*W)
  • Built-in U.FL connector

Last updated on December 21, 2017

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