The incredibly fun indoor/outdoor Whoop shenanigans are seriously addicting. This little micro FPV quad has been accepted with open arms by the drone industry. The desire for higher end performance from the pilots has pushed the industry to create custom parts just for Tiny Whoop use. Better motors, better cameras, and the subject of this article - better flight controllers.

Tiny Whoop Flight Controller Round-Up

This article takes an in-depth look at all the Tiny Whoop flight controller options available on the market today. We look at features, compatibility and help you pick the right one for your build.

Blade Inductrix Flight Controller (BLH8701)

Blade Inductrix Flight Controller

If you've read our Complete Guide to the Tiny Whoop, then you know that the first Whoop was born by adding a camera to the Blade Inductrix quadcopter. This is still a viable option for those looking to build their first micro FPV machine. For that reason we need to take a look at the capabilities of the stock flight controller.

The Blade Inductrix 3-in-1 Control Unit is the stock flight controller shipped with the Inductrix. The flight controller comes pre-tuned for the stock setup. Using the stock transmitter you have two selectable rate modes - low and high. These modes allow you either less or more pitch to fly more or less aggressively. You can fly in both acro and auto level modes. The performance is decent, but not on the level of a higher end 3rd party FC.

The FC also only natively supports Spektrum based transmitters. If you don't already have a Spektrum transmitter like the DXe or the stock Inductrix transmitter, you'll have to buy a separate adapter for your transmitter. With newer FC options supporting multiple popular transmitter protocols (see below) it is making less and less sense to purchase a transmitter adapter just for this purpose.


  • Acro & Auto Level Modes
  • Doesn't Support Tuning Software like Betaflight/Cleanflight
  • Only Supports Spektrum Transmitters

Browse: Blade Inductrix 3-in-1 Control Unit (BLH8701)
Price: ~$30

Stock Eachine E010 Flight Controller

Eachine E010 Flight Controller

Eachine introduced the E010 (and more recently the FPV ready E010 C) as a low cost alternative to the Inductrix. This sub-$20 copter is nearly identical in size. The low cost can definitely be felt in the internals of the copter. Performance of this stock board is poor and the range is not great. The copter comes with a super tiny transmitter which is the only controller that can be bound to it.

There is also no adjustments for acro or rate modes. What you get out of the box is what you get. This might be OK for beginners, but if you plan on wanting to fly the copter with some performance, or upgrading parts - you'll want to look for a better FC.


  • Less than Impressive Performance
  • Only Supports Included Micro Transmitter

At less than $20 for the entire Eachine E010 RTF package, there is no need to purchase this FC separately.

BeeBrain v.1 by NewBeeDrone

Beebrain V1

The BeeBrain v1 is a Betaflight ready acro flight controller for the Tiny Whoop. This flight controller is one of the first to bring higher end miniquad features down into the micro FPV form factor. The board features an F1 processor and MPU6500 gyro. The only downside is this flight controller is only PPM on the FrSky protocol. That means you won't get the ultra low-latency of SBUS.


  • F1 Processor and Six-Axis Gyro MPU6500
  • USB Programmable via Betaflight/Cleanflight
  • Full Acro/Rate/Airmode Control + Custom Tuning
  • FrSky (Taranis) and DSMX (Spektrum) native versions available
  • Compatible with the Inductrix Frame - Eachine E010 Frame needs to be modded or the FC to be flipped upside down to fit
  • FrSky PPM Protocol

Browse: NewBeeDrone - BeeBrain v.1
Price: $49.99

Acrowhoop V2 by Furious FPV

Furious FPV Acrowhoop

The Acrowhoop V2  packs a full spec'ed punch in the Tiny Whoop compatible flight controller format. It features an F3 processor and MPU6000 gyro - specs found today on full sized racing setups. The board supports Cleanflight & Betaflight with full tuning options. You'll find support for the low latency SBUS protocol for FrSky receivers and feeds battery voltage back over telemetry.

The board has been updated and now includes an improved radio receiver, a centrally placed gyro, and LED pads. This update makes this board an even stronger candidate as the changes were positive. For a complete list of what's been updated, see our article which covers the update in its entirety.


  • F3 Processor and MPU6000 Gyro
  • USB Programmable via Betaflight/Cleanflight
  • Full Acro/Rate/Airmode Control + Custom Tuning
  • FrSky SBUS (Taranis) compatible with Telemetry and 1km range via the FC1000
  • Compatible with the Inductrix & Eachine E010 Frames

Browse: Furious FPV - Acrowhoop V2
Price: $44.95

Currently this board is the highest spec'ed FC for the Tiny Whoop on the market and is our top pick for price and performance.

Beecore F3 Evo by Eachine

Eachine Beecore F3_Evo

The Beecore is an F3_EVO based flight controller made by Eachine. The board features 3 versions each supporting a different radio protocol. There are versions with DSM2, Flysky, and FrSky receivers. This flight controller features an F3 processor with MPU6500 gyro. It supports configuration via Cleanflight/Betaflight and has full acro support.


  • F3 Processor and MPU6500 Gyro
  • USB Programmable via Betaflight/Cleanflight
  • Full Acro/Rate/Airmode Control + Custom Tuning
  • Flysky, FrSky SBUS and DSM2 Versions Available
  • Compatible with the Inductrix Frame & Eachine E010 Frame

Browse: Eachine Beecore F3_EVO
Price: $30.99

Makerfire F3 Brushed Flight Controller

Makerfire F3 Brushed

The F3_EVO based offering from Makerfire is an F3 processor flight controller. It is designed to fit both the Inductrix and Eachine E010 frames, with a layout designed primarily around the E010. The USB is placed on an extended piece of PCB for easy access from the bottom. The board is only compatible with Spektrum transmitters.


  • F3 Processor and MPU6500 Gyro
  • USB Programmable via Betaflight/Cleanflight
  • Full Acro/Rate/Airmode Control + Custom Tuning
  • DSM2 Spektrum Compatible Only
  • Compatible with the Inductrix Frame & Eachine E010 Frame

Browse: Makerfire F3 Brushed Flight Controller
Price: $21.99

Here at Controller Craft we keep an up-to-date product database of quadcopters and parts. Be sure to check out the Tiny Whoop flight controller section.


December 12th, 2016: The Acrowhoop listing was updated to V2 as a second version of the chip was released.

Last updated on January 31, 2017

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