The micro FPV scene got hit by a bolt of lightning with the launch of the MOKITO 70 from Furious FPV. This is one of the first brushless micro quadcopters of its size. Furious has packed a ton of micro components into a package that measures only 70mm from motor to motor. The result is a 4:1 power ratio on an airframe that is nearly the same weight and only slightly larger than the popular Tiny Whoop.

FuriousFPV Launches MOSKITO 70

In-Depth Look at the MOSKITO 70


This micro FPV machine contains mostly FuriousFPV designed products with the exception of the VTX & Camera which are made by FXT, the popular Tiny Whoop camera maker.

  • 1102 10,000Kv Brushless Motors
  • 7A BLHELI_S DSHOT Capable ESC's
  • 1.7dBi LHCP Video Antenna
  • LR1000 FrSky or Spektrum DSMX Receiver Versions
  • RACEWHOOP 16 x 16mm F3 Flight Controller w/ Current Sensor
  • 25mW 5.8GHz 40 Channel FXT FX806T with Detatchable Antenna
  • 45mm Quad Blade Propellers

MOSKITO 70 VTX and Camera

The core of the MOSKITO is a small carbon frame. This frame is encased in a 3 piece plastic body. The top portion holds the camera at a 10 degree angle, the center portion provides the prop guards & main body, and the feet are mounted below the carbon.

The internal components required to power brushless motors are more complex than that of a coreless motor setup like found on the Inductrix. Brushless motors require ESC's which increase the size requirements. Furious used the feet below the carbon frame to hold the ESC's similar to the design found on the Helix frame by ImpulseRC.

MOSKITO 70 Front


Full telemetry enables you to monitor your signal strength and battery levels. Use the SBUS protocol for super low latency control. The Moskito is powered by a 2 cell LiPo battery. FuriousFPV recommends the 300-450mAh range. You mount this battery to the bottom of the frame. The total weight of the copter without the battery is 45g.

MOSKITO 70 Telemetry

With 10,000Kv motors pushing the super small quad blades, FuriousFPV is advertising a 4:1 power ratio. You can see that power in action on a video they've release showing the copter buzzing around the lobby of a hobby shop. You can clearly tell that the power is enough to make the quad fly a bit 'lighter' and is effortlessly performing flips and rolls in tight spaces. The acceleration looks very quick, very very quick.

Where to Buy?

The MOSKITO comes as a pre-built bind-and-fly kit. Both FrSky and Spektrum versions are available. You can order directly from FuriousFPV for $249.00.

Find the product here on Controller Craft: Furious FPV - MOSKITO 70 Brushless

Last updated on January 31, 2017

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