Not long ago, the RunCam 3 was discontinued due to a patent claim for its similarities to the popular GoPro Session.  Not even a month later, RunCam already has its successor, the RunCam Split! Lets dive in and see what its all about.

The RunCam Split was rumored as being an FPV cam and HD cam in one but there was no official confirmation on this. As of today, the rumor is confirmed. The RunCam Split is an FPV cam and HD recording cam in one, something we have all been waiting to get our hands on. Although the RunCam Split is not a true successor to the RunCam 3 due to its very different form factor, I definitely believe that this camera combo will be a game changer.

The RunCam Split is one of the first of its kind, offering a modular design that includes a 36x38mm board to handle the video recording features. There has been other modular designs like this in the past, such as the Horizon HD v2 and the Airbot A2 Camera. Although these other camera's exist they have not been majorly popular. With RunCam's track record, we will likely see them take this form factor to the mainstream.

Price: $69.99 or $74.99 with WiFi - View on Banggood

FPV Camera

The camera itself is 22x20mm, coming in slightly smaller than the RunCam Swift Mini. It looks like they could reduce the size even more due to moving some processing back to the PCB. It provides a 130° FOV with a 2.5mm lens which is standard across most of the newer RunCam FPV cameras. They unfortunately do not list anything about the image sensor, however, we can speculate it would be running a 1/3" SONY Super HAD II CCD, similar to the Swift 2 and Swift mini. If this is the case, there is not much new here and that's honestly a good thing.

Lets move on to the good stuff.

HD Recording

Here is where it gets interesting. Using the provided "lens module connector", the camera is connected back to a 36x38mm PCB providing the following features:

  • 165° HD recording at 1080@60fps / 1080@30fps / 720@60fps
  • Micro USB support
  • Micro SD Card slot supporting up to 64GB cards
  • WiFi Module that is removable (it connects to your smart phone!)
  • Connects to your video transmitter for video and audio signal

The biggest piece of news here is the 165° FOV HD recording at 1080@60fps. The RunCam 3 offered us a 155° FOV HD recording at 1080@60fps so we should be able to expect similar performance with this all in one camera. RunCam is also advertising the same WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) algorithm included with the split to improve image detail under high contract light conditions. Similar to the RunCam 3, we have mobile phone app support with the removable WiFi module mounted on the PCB.

Price has been announced at $69.99 without the WiFi module and 74.99 with the WiFi module included. Release date should be within June / July but this is not yet official.

For full release notes, check out the RunCam Shop. They also have a manual available for full specs including a wiring diagram.

We have also added the RunCam Split to our Product Database where you can sign up for release notifications.

Last updated on June 9, 2017

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