RunCam's popular FPV camera is receiving an update. The new Swift 2 brings a stronger feature set geared for smaller, high performance quadcopter platforms. Lets take a look at the differences between the new and old versions.

RunCam Swift 2 Release Update

The main changes come in the form of an integrated microphone, wide input voltage range, and new center screw mount. The biggest improvement in the new version is the addition of a voltage readout on the OSD. This coupled with the wide input voltage means you can now run an unfiltered line from your PDB to camera. This allows you to read battery voltage and a timer via the camera. This could remove the need for an external on-screen display for some. The downside is you won't get mAh consumed like found on most on-screen displays.

These changes improve on an already solid platform, but might not be enough to warrant an upgrade for someone already using an OSD. We see this new version becoming the standard and the old Swift fading out.

Changes from Swift to Swift 2

  • The Swift 2 includes an integrated microphone on the back plate.
  • New wide range input voltage ups the Swift's 5 - 16v input to 5 - 36v input on the Swift 2.
  • The On-Screen Display can now display battery voltage.
  • The center mounting point has been changed from a plastic tab to a screw mount.
  • Now only the base bracket is included.
  • The connectors have moved from the bottom right to top left.
  • A replaceable front case is included.
  • The camera is slightly heavier at 14g vs the old 12g.
  • The Swift 2 is slightly smaller at 26 x 26 x 28.5mm

Features Remaining the Same

  • 1/3 SONY Super HAD II CCD Sensor
  • 600TVL Resolution
  • Available with 2.8, 2.5, or 2.1mm Lens
  • On-Board OSD
  • PAL/NTSC Support

Image Comparison

Swift Comparison Front

Swift Comparison Back

These new features in the Swift 2 come with a $5 price increase which puts the retail price at $39.99. The camera begins shipping January 9th. The orange version will be released shortly before the black version.

Find the RunCam Swift 2 camera or the original version here in our product database. Also be sure to browse the FPV camera section for more options.

Last updated on January 16, 2017

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