The feature rich little Tiny Whoop flight controller from Furious FPV the Acrowhoop has received its first update. The original product was released in Sept of this year. Now, less than two months later, a second version has hit the market.

There were range issues with some of the original radio transmitters. The biggest change is the replacement of the generic receiver with the Furious FPV LR1000 which extends the range. The new FrSky compatible receiver now offers up to a 1km of control.

Acrowhoop V2 from Furious FPV Gets an Update

We've broken down the similarities and differences between the two models in text and photos:

What's Stayed the Same

  • Acro Mode & Race Mode Ready
  • Industry 1st F3 Chip w/ MPU6000
  • All FETs are rated at 6.3A maximum
  • FrSky SBUS with 8 channels & RSSI on channel 9
  • Full telemetry support
  • Betaflight support
  • The price remains the same

What's Changed from V1 to V2

  • V2 features a new 1km range Furious FPV LR1000 mini receiver.
  • Slightly lighter at 3.8g (V1) to 3.4g (V2).
  • V2 Includes Two LED Connections on the bottom side of the board.
  • Integrated LC Filter for Video Power on V1 was removed on V2. Now the camera is powered from the battery lead points similar to the original Inductrix builds.
  • The MPU6000 gyro was moved from the edge of the board (V1) to the center of the board (V2) for better performance.
  • The external 3.3v connections for Spektrum receivers were removed on V2.
  • USB port moved from bottom (V1) to top (V2) for easier access & better Eachine E010 frame compatibility.
  • The telemetry rate from the V1 was undefined, now it is an 0.1s telemetry rate for V2.

Photo Comparison

Acrowhoop Comparison Top Acrowhoop Comparison BottomAcrowhoop Comparison WiringAcrowhoop Comparison Dimensions


All-in-all these changes take an already strongly featured product and make it even better. The only loss suffered from V1 to V2 was the removal of the LC filter and the 3.3v Spektrum port. These shouldn't be an issue though as most micro camera + VTX modules handle a 1s LiPo input just fine and Furious says they are working on a natively Spektrum compatible version of the board.

The gains in the receiver module should be enough for most shoppers to seek out the V2 version of this board. FuriousFPV looks to be phasing out the V1's, but be aware when shopping which version you are buying. Find the Acrowhoop V2 here at Controller Craft in our Tiny Whoop product section.

Last updated on January 28, 2017

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