Consumer and hobby drones are becoming increasingly user friendly. There is still a large amount of knowledge that pilots should know, especially in the hobby and FPV worlds. Our educational articles cover an ever growing wealth of information on FPV, quadcopters, and radio control concepts. Educate yourself today to become a better pilot tomorrow.

Top 7 Mistakes new Quadcopter Pilots Make and How to Avoid Them

New to the hobby and feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry, we have all been there. While most things you will learn with time, some things are extremely important to know right from the start. We have listed  7 of the top mistakes new pilots make so you ca ...

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F7 Flight Controller Features Explained

With the release of Betaflight 3.2 around the corner there is an increased interest in the F7 - the new generation of flight controller on the market.  We break down some of the F7's features and compare it to the F1, F3 and F4.  It is important to not ...

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Betaflight V3.2 Overview and Feature Summary

For quadcopter enthusiasts, the Betaflight 3.2 October 2017 release date (est.) cannot come soon enough. Many pilots have been installing the pre-released beta version and experimenting with some of the new features, some with unstable results.  While ...

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Liftoff - FPV Drone Racing Simulator Review

Liftoff is an FPV drone racing simulator on the PC, usable through Steam. Liftoff has been around since late 2015 and is developed by LuGus Studios, a small company based out of Belgium. The developers have done a great job over the years keeping Lifto ...

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BLHeli_32 Firmware & DShot 1200 Overview

BLHeli_32 is the new 3rd generation of BLHeli containing software and firmware which allows new and exciting features for ESCs improving on its predecessor BLHeli_S. If you are not familiar with ESCs, they essentially contain a small microprocessor tha ...

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On-Screen Display Part Spotlight Header Image

FPV Quadcopter Part Spotlight: On-Screen Display (OSD)

We take an in depth look at on-screen displays for FPV pilots. This article covers what an OSD is, how it works, and helps you choose the right one.

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ImpulseRC Alien 5" Mr Steele Quadcopter Build

Alien 5" Mr Steele FPV Quadcopter Build Guide

We show you how what you need and how to build the Alien 5" frame from ImpulseRC like Mr Steele. Full parts list, build notes, and wiring diagram inside.

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Beginner Drone Guide

Beginner Drone Guide: Types, Quality, & Applications

Discover drone types, applications, & quality guidelines. We help you identify the right approach for your needs and help you get started flying.

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Component Spotlight FPV Cameras

FPV Quadcopter Part Spotlight: FPV Cameras

An FPV or first person video camera is a small camera mounted to the front of your quadcopter. We take an in-depth look at these cameras and how they work.

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FPV Quadcopter Part Spotlight: Video Antennas

This article focuses on analog video antennas for FPV. We cover what these antennas are, how they work, and how to choose the right one for your needs.

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Essential Soldering Skills for Building Quadcopters

Essential Soldering Skills for Building Quadcopters

This article will teach you the specific soldering skills needed to build quadcopters. These skills are easy to learn and extremely useful for any pilot.

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Beebrain Acro Tiny Whoop Build Guide

Build Guide: Beebrain Acro Tiny Whoop

We present a complete acro Tiny Whoop build and configuration guide using the Beebrain v1.2 FrSky / Spektrum transmitter support and Betaflight config.

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Component Spotlight FPV Video Goggles

FPV Video Goggles: Beginners Guide

In this article we cover what FPV video googles are and how they work to give you an in-depth understanding when using or choosing your own.

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Tiny Whoop the Ultimate Guide

Tiny Whoop: Ultimate Guide to the Micro FPV Quadcopter

The Tiny Whoop is a micro FPV drone that is perfect for flying indoors. We look at the history, parts, and help you get started buying or building your own.

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Component Spotlight: LiPo Batteries

Complete Guide to LiPo Batteries & Charging

It is important for anyone looking to get into the hobby of flying quadcopters to have a basic understanding of Lithium Polymer - or LiPo batteries.

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Component Spotlight: Electronic Speed Controllers

FPV Quadcopter Part Spotlight: Electronic Speed Controllers

We take an in-depth look at electronic speed controllers - or ESC's. These pieces of hardware connect between your flight controller and motors.

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Component Spotlight: Motors

FPV Quadcopter Part Spotlight: Motors

The motors on your multicopter are the powerhouse of your quadcopter. Understanding the basics will help you pick the right motor for your next build.

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Component Spotlight: Flight Controller

FPV Quadcopter Part Spotlight: Flight Controllers

We discover what a flight controller is, how it works, and help you choose the right one for your drone.

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Component Spotlight: Power Distribution Board

FPV Quadcopter Part Spotlight: Power Distribution Boards

The power distribution board or PDB distributes power from your battery out to the appropriate parts of your drone like the ESC's and flight controller.

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Component Spotlight: FPV Quadcopter Frames

FPV Quadcopter Part Spotlight: Frames

FPV racing and freestyle quadcopters use a light and strong frame. You mount components to this platform. We cover all the fundamental concepts.

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Component Spotlight: RC Radio Transmitters & Receivers

FPV Quadcopter Radio Transmitters: Best Options & Guide

We cover RC radio transmitter options for your FPV quadcopter. We cover the fundamentals and help you find the best radio for your budget.

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Beginners Guide to FPV Racing Quadcopters

Beginners Guide to FPV Racing Quadcopters

This guide introduces you to the world of FPV racing quadcopters and guides you from beginner to pro level flyer. Get flying with our guide.

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Components & Anatomy of an FPV Quadcopter

Parts & Anatomy of an FPV Quadcopter: How its All Put Together

This article covers the fundamental components and anatomy of an FPV Racing quadcopter. Learn these fundamentals and your first build will be a breeze.

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