The Eachine Wizard X220S FPV Racer looks to be another amazing quadcopter for a great price. Lets see how it stacks up against its predecessor, the Wizard X220.

Eachine Wizard X220S FPV Racer

Brand: Eachine
Model: Wizard X220S
Ready to Fly: Yes
Size: 220mm
Weight: 561 grams (Take off)
Camera: 800TVL CCD
Flight time: 4-7mins (depends on your flying)
Availability: Pre-Order now!
Price: $249.99

ARF Version Available
Price: $175.99



With the release of the Eachine Wizard X220 last year, it took the RTF / ARF market by storm. Soon after its release, the X220 was crowned by many as the best budget ARF you can buy.  This title still holds weight  in 2017 due to its massive popularity.

Specs Comparison

 Eachine Wizard X220Eachine Wizard X220S
Motor:2205 2300KVMN2206 2300KV
ESC:Eachine 20A BLHELI_S ESCEachine 30A BLHELI_S 4 in 1 ESC
Video Transmitter:5.8G 200mw 48ch5.8G 72CH 25MW 200mw 600MW switchable transmitter
Flight Controller:6DOF REV6BF3.1.5 Omnibus F4 V2
Receiver (RTF Version):Flysky 2.4G 6CH FS-iA6B ReceiveriRangeX iR-A8S receiver
Radio (RTF Version): Flysky I6 2.4G 6CH remiRangeX iRX-i6X
Battery (RTF Version):1500mah 3S 11.1V 25C XT60 Battery1500mAH 4S 14.8V
Propeller:Kingkong 5040 3-BladeEachine 5051 3-blade propeller
Camera Mount:none30° GoPro Session Mount
Antenna:genericPagoda antenna



The original Wizard X220 frame is solid and sturdy, however, they did make some changes on the X220S. At a 220mm size, it comes with carbon fiber arms that are 4mm thick and 15mm wide. Eachine opted to reduce the arm width by a whole 10mm (almost half!) in comparison to the Wizard X220 as they no longer have the ESC's mounted on them. This should reduce both the weight and drag to produce more speed; something I have no problem with at all! Hopefully this reduction doesn't come at a cost of toughness or we may see more broken arms.  Time will tell.

Motors and Props

Eachine has swapped the motors over from the 2205 2300KV to their MN2206 2300KV model. With a small weight increase from 25g to 28g, they are claiming a max thrust increase from 440G up to a whopping 1100G. Another interesting addition is the support for up to 5S batteries, seen as an option across all components on the Eachine Wizard X220S.

Both frame and motors support a 5 inch prop which is standard for a 220mm. The Wizard X220 is known for providing lots of spare props (10 pairs!) and they continued this trend into the new Wizard X220S which is nice to see. Eachine has decided to switch from the Kingkong brand prop over to their own, changing from a 5040 size 3 blade over to the new style 5051 3 blade form factor. These new 5051 style props are relatively new on the market, first seen late last year by RaceKraft. These style props are designed for improving top speed, acceleration and maneuverability. With that being said, it's no surprise that they have made this switch since they are marketing the X220S as an FPV Racer.


Flight Controller

BF3.1.5 Omnibus F4 V2 Flight Controller

The Eachine Wizard X220S offers an Omnibus F4 V2 Flight Controller running Betaflight 3.1.5 which is a solid F4 FC. The biggest improvement we see is the addition of the built in OSD, something the original Wizard X220 did not have. In addition to this, they have added the ability to modify the OSD directly in the Betaflight GUI for added customization which is a nice touch.



Another big change is the switch from 4 20A BLHELI_S ESC's to a new 4 in 1 30A BLHELI_S ESC supporting Dshot600. As mentioned above, they have reduced arm width by 10mm by moving the ESC's from the arms into the chassis. Although moving all your ESC's to a single board is a risk for single point of failure, we are seeing a lot more 4 in 1 ESC's on the market gaining in popularity.

Using 30A ESC's, The Wizard X220S is able to offer up to 5S support along with the ability to use the new 5051 3 blade props, something the Wizard X220 could not handle with its stock 20A ESC's. It will be interesting to if these ESC's can actually handle 5S (if anyone goes that route) with the 5051 props due to their increased power draw.


FPV Camera

Including an Eachine 1179 800TVL CCD camerawe once again see an improvement over the Wizard X220's 700TVL camera. One of the most common upgrades recommended on the Wizard X220 was the FPV Camera due to its sub par quality. Although we haven't seen it in person yet, based on specs alone, the new 800TV CCD Camera looks to be their answer. With a CCD sensor, 2.8mm lens and  1980H×1080 resolution, it has all the qualities of a high end camera.


Tramsitter (VTX)

Eachine has added a new 600MW option in their new 5.8G 72CH 25MW 200mw 600MW switchable transmitter. In addition to this, they now offer a staggering 72 channels over the standard 48 channels that were included in the previous model. Although 600MW isnt going to help us much on race day, it should help improve signal when out by yourself doing some practice runs.



Eachine looks to have another winner on their hands with solid improvements across the board. With all these changes, I would have expected to see the price jump up from the original X220. This isn't the case as they have kept it very competitive at $175.99 for the ARF version and $249.99 for the RTF version. At this price with all these components, it's honestly a steal.

Sum of improvements

  • Bigger Motors
  • Improved Camera
  • F4 FC with OSD
  • 30A ESC with Dshot600
  • 25/200/600mw 72CH switchable VTX


Eachine Wizard X220S RTF

Price: $249.99 Buy now on Banggood


Eachine Wizard X220S ARF

Price: $175.99 Buy now on Banggood



Last updated on June 7, 2017

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