Eachine just announced the newest addition to their line of super affordable micro drones. The E010C is an FPV ready Tiny Whoop style microquad at under $37. The quad comes with a small controller and drone ready to fly line of sight, but needs a screen or goggles to go first person. Lets take a look at what exactly are you getting for your money here.

Eachine E010C The Introductory Tiny Whoop

If you've never heard of the Tiny Whoop before - be sure to check out our complete introduction.

Eachine E010C Details

Just like the original E010 this tiny copter comes with the drone itself, a mini radio controller, and a battery + charger. The big change is the addition of a 800TVL 40CH 25MW VTX 1/3" CMOS FPV Camera which sits on top of the flight controller. This camera + vtx combo transmits video on the 5.8GHz frequency to be picked up by video goggles or a screen.

Eachine E010c Micro FPV Quadcopter

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Whats Changed from the E010?

The simple answer is not much aside from adding a camera. This new FPV version uses the same motors and propellers. The kit comes with an upgraded 150mAh 45c LiPo battery. This improved power source helps carry the extra weight of th camera. The battery capacity remains the same from the original E010.

The advertised flight time on the E010 was ~5 minutes. The new higher demand on the battery brings the E010C flight time down to an estimated 3.5 minutes.

You'll Need Goggles

Eachine VR007 Goggles


You will need a set of goggles or a screen in order to fly this kit FPV. The goggles used to fly this micro drone can be used with other quadcopters, so we recommend considering all the options. We've put together an FPV goggle buyers guide that will help you find the right set.

Perfect for Beginner FPV Pilots

The first thing to mention is this is not a Tiny Whoop killer out of the box. This copter is aimed at beginners or someone looking to just have fun. You're not going to get fast performance with the slow motors and low capacity battery. What you are going to get is a perfect introductory drone for a young child or beginner to get a taste of FPV. For that, we love this little copter.

If the E010C sounds too beginner oriented for you, we suggest taking a look at the Makerfire RTF Micro FPV Lite on Amazon. This copter is based on the E010 frame. This small copter includes upgraded special sauce motors (17,500Kv) and a 200mAh battery which will give you much improved performance. We recently wrote an article that helps beginner micro quad flyers get started buying or building their own Whoop.

Last updated on March 1, 2017

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