The Tiny Whoop has absolutely taken over the micro FPV world. For good reason too - these little drones are perfect for beginners but are loved by pro's. The last 6 months has brought advances in motors, flight controllers, and batteries. MultiGP even added a Tiny Whoop class to their 2017 classifications.

Updated June 2017 - Lower prices and new options!

Cheapest Tiny Whoop Builds Feature


These super accessible micro FPV quadcopters are a great platform for beginners to learn about quadcopter building. The build lists below are for the aircraft only. This means you will need batteries, a transmitter, and video goggles in order to fly full FPV. These resources will help you find all of the above:

For all LiPo battery information, check out our complete guide to LiPo Batteries & Charging which also gives an example of how to parallel charge Tiny Whoop batteries.

Affordable Build Guidelines

With this surge in popularity has come tons of options for building or buying. We've scoured the internet and put together the most affordable builds possible. Controller Craft may earn a commission products bought through links in this article. Both of the builds have the following features:

  • Compatible with popular Spektrum, FrSky, and Flysky transmitters.
  • Feature fast motors with the option to upgrade.
  • F3 EVO flight controllers with configuration via Betaflight.
  • Uses the Eachine E010 frame and propellers.
  • Doesn't include a battery.

The Banggood Build

Cheapest Banggood Tiny Whoop Build

If we want to get really cheap, we need to go to Banggood. This build is the absolute cheapest we could put together while still feeling good about performance. At this price point, you're going to get a whoop with decent performance for under $60. The F3 EVO flight controller has 3 available options with integrated receivers. You'll be connecting to Betaflight or Cleanflight to configure and tune your build.

Parts List:

Total Build Cost: $58.31

Build Notes:

  • You'll need to modify the battery mount to hold standard sized batteries.
  • Uses a 4 lobe omni directional antenna.
  • Shipping will be slower as some parts ship only from China
  • Only one option for motors at this price point.

The Amazon Build

Cheapest Amazon Tiny Whoop Build

We've got a bit more flexibility and quality in this build at a slightly higher price point. You'll still be building on the E010 frame and using an F3 EVO flight controller. This is one of the most popular Tiny Whoop platforms for a reason. The black frame vs the Inductrix counterpart is actually more durable. This build also uses a Crazepony camera and mount which protects the body of the copter.

Parts List:

  • Beecore F3 EVO Brushed Acro Flight Controller ($39.97) - Buy on Amazon
  • Eachine E010 Frame, Propellers, & Foam Battery Holder ($6.99) - Buy on Amazon
  • Crazepony Micro FPV AIO Camera +VTX 40CH 25mW with Vacuum Plastic Camera Mount ($22.99) - Buy on Amazon
  • 0615 17,000kV 6x15 mm Motors ($10.99) - Buy on Amazon

Total Build Cost: $80.94

Build Notes:

  • Includes a foam battery holder.
  • Camera features a more durable dipole whip antenna.
  • Protected body via the vacuum camera mount.
  • Faster 17,000kV motors for better performance - better for acro flying.
  • Fast shipping.

RaceDayQuads ARF Acro Whoop Kit

RDQ ARF Acro Whoop Kit

The guys at RaceDayQuads are known for keeping a warehouse stocked with Tiny Whoop parts. They have a great selection and are super competitive on pricing. They've put together a great little whoop kit at a really competitive price. Less than $80 gets you a high performance little build. Our only complaint is the camera + VTX combo and the mount are going to be the weakest points of the build.

Parts List:

  • Eachine Beecore Flight Controller for FrSky, Spektrum or Flysky
  • Eachine E010 Frame, Props and Foam Battery Adapter
  • 18,300kV Super Fast Motors
  • TX01 25mW Camera + VTX with Mount
  • Upgraded Battery Lead Pigtail
  • Grab the whole build here: Buy on RDQ

Total Build Cost: $79.99

Build Notes:

  • Includes a foam battery holder.
  • Camera features the less durable 4 lobe omni directional antenna
  • Super fast 18,300kV motors for high performance acro flying.
  • Free shipping.

Upgrade Options:

Putting These Builds Together

Building a Tiny Whoop is a fairly simple process. We've documented a full build using the Beebrain flight controller that will help you assemble either of the above affordable builds. If you're stuck, leave all questions and comments below or feel free to contact us.

If you're not interested in building and would rather buy a bind-and-fly or ready-to-fly Whoop, then check out our list of pre-built Tiny Whoops.

Last updated on June 5, 2017

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