FPV video goggles provide a truly immersive experience for the pilot. With FathShark's being the most popular on the market, we thought it would be great to showcase some excellent alternate options out there. Especially in the last year, the competition for headset style goggles is getting fierce with more options than ever.

In this article, we focus on some of the best FatShark goggle alternatives on the market today and compare them to the leader in the industry.

If your interested to learn more about FPV video goggles and what all the features mean, check out our article on FPV Video Goggles: Beginners Guide


The Flykey Rafale V1 goggles have been on the market since late 2016 and have a lot of great features to offer for the price. Fitted with a 16:9 display at 854 x 480 and a built-in diversity receiver, they are definitely trying to compete with FatShark's higher end lineup. To keep cost down, some features have been removed such as 3D support and DVR.

Something unique to these goggles is the built in 1000mah battery housed in the front, in comparison to FatShark goggles which have the battery mounted on the headband. Although this would seem to add extra weight, the Flykey Rafale V1's (with battery) come in at 7g lighter than the FatShark Attitude V3's (without battery) which is significant. Although these goggles come with two linear antenna's, we recommend replacing them out with a good omni and patch antenna to really make use of the diversity receiver.


  • 16:9 WVGA Displayer with 30°FOV
  • 854 x 480 (WVGA) LCD
  • Built-in Lithium Battery
  • With OSD menu
  • 48CH Diversity Receiver

Compared to: FatShark Attitude V3 & Attitude V4 @ $330 - $350

Browse: Flykey Rafale V1

Price: $300


Aomway Commander Goggles V1

The Aomway Commander Goggles V1's are a fantastic option and one of my favorite on the market. Aomway has included some high-end features in these goggles that are comparative to the FatShark Dominator V3 and HD3's but at a much more competitive price. Included with 3D, HDMI, DVR and diversity, you will have everything you could want and more while out in the field.

Although these goggles do not include a battery, they come with a unique power adapter that lets you use any lipo up to a 4s mounted on the back of the headband, providing a ton of options and flexability. With the battery mounted on the back, it has the added benefit to help with weight distribution making these an extremely comfortable pair of goggles.


  • 16:9 WVGA Displayer with 32°FOV
  • 854 x 480 (WVGA) LCD
  • With HDMI connector, support 720P
  • Support 3D image
  • Built-in DVR
  • Built-in sensitive diversity receiver
  • Support Headtracker(not included)
  • Equip with fan, anti-fog lens etc.

Compared to: FatShark Dominator V3 & HD3 @ $375 - $500 (Diversity modules sold separately)

Browse: Aomway Commander Goggles V1

Price: $334


Skyzone SKY02S V3

The Skyzone SKY02S v3 goggles are another great option and very highly rated in the FPV community. With all the bell's and whistles, including 3D, DVR, diversity receiver, a front camera and even built in head tracking, there isn't much these goggles dont offer. Like others goggles listed above, you will want to swap out the included linear antennas to something like a omni and a patch antenna to really see the true benefits of the diversity receiver.


  • 16:9 WVGA Displayer with 30°FOV
  • 854 x 480 (WVGA) LCD
  • Support 3D image
  • Built-in DVR
  • Built-in diversity receiver
  • 60°FOV front camera
  • Built in head tracker

Compared to: FatShark Dominator V3 & HD3 @ $375 - $500 (Diversity modules sold separately)

Browse: Skyzone SKY02S V3

Price: $387



While all 3 of these goggles are a great option, our pick would be the Aomway Commander V1's. At only $30 more than the Flykey Rafale V1's, you get 3D support, DVR, HDMI. and a patch antenna for the diversity module out of the box. While it is speculated that the Flykey's have better reception with comparable aftermarket antenna's, it's difficult to pass up the extra features that Aomway is offering.

If you're not quite decided, check out our Best FPV Video Googles: Buyers Guide for more options.

Last updated on June 6, 2017

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