All-in-One (AIO) boards are becoming increasingly popular this year as we see more manufacturers producing them due to increased interest and demand. AIO boards typically come with FC and ESC's built in along with the PDB requirements. Some boards also come with OSD, blackbox recording and more!

AIO Benefits

These boards are made to improve build times as you can solder all motors directly to a single board, add on your power and radio and be up and flying. Obviously this isn't entirely the case, as you would also want to add in your FPV gear, but the benefits are clearly visible.

  • Faster build times
  • Less soldering required
  • Easier wiring
  • Weight reduction
  • more room for other goodies (like the new RunCam Split!)
  • Clean arms (No ESCs mounted on them)

AIO Negatives

We know it can't all be perfect or  everyone would be using AIO boards. Here are some potential downsides.

  • Costly to replace if damaged
  • Single ESC or FC failure requires full replacement
  • Power limitations


Now that we have that covered, lets get to our list of best AIO boards.

Best All-in-One Boards for Quadcopters

1. KISS CompactCTRL CC All-in-One ($98)

The CC AIO board by Flyduino consists of a KISS F3 32bit flight controller and 4x 32bit KISS ESCs, rated at 16A (21A active limit) with Dshot600 support.

The KISS CC is ideal for up to 4s batteries and 4 inch props. Although 5 inch props are an option, we do not recommend them due to the power available from the 16A ESCs which limit output at 21A. If you have used KISS before, the setup process is the same on the CC so you can jump right in. This board also supports full telemetry and logging via serial port which is a nice addition.

Although the KISS CC seems to be fairly high priced at $98, when compared to the individual prices of the KISS FC and 4x ESC's, you are saving $10-30 with the this AIO. You can also expect a top quality product that KISS has become known for in the industry.

The CC comes preflashed with FC fw v1.1RC6 and ESC16A fw v110a

Flight Controller KISS FC F3 32bit with serial, buzzer and LED ports
ESC 4x KISS ESC 32bit ESC's 2-4S 16A
Size 35x42mm (30x30mm mount)
Weight 11 grams
Voltage 2-4s
Best for 3-4 inch builds

Find Lowest Price on:

2. Asgard AIO Flight Controller ($86)


The Asgard AIO Flight Controller is impressive, combining an F4 FC, 4x 24A ESC, OSD, PDB, MicroSD card slot, 5v 1.5a BEC and Current Sensor, all neatly fit on to one board.

The Asgard AIO includes 3 UARTs so you have lots of options. There is a built in OSD that is compatible with Betaflight's OSD feature which is excellent to change rates, expo and much more. The OSD is one of the best selling points of this board since you won't require a separate OSD or a RunCam Swift 2 (for example) to handle this functionality.

An added benefit to this board that is somewhat unique is with a USB cable plugged in, all 5 volt pins get powered along with it. With this, you can go into the BLHELI suite and make all of your ESC setting changes without the need to plug in a LiPo.

Flight Controller Based on OMNIBUS F4
ESC 24A Dshot 4-in-1 ESC
Size 30x30mm mount
Weight 14.1 grams
Voltage 2-4s
Best for 4-5 inch builds

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3. F4 V5 Pro Flight Control Board AIO ($46 $60)

The F4 V5 Pro Flight Control Board AIO is a great all in one, combining an F4 FC, BEC, PDB, VTX and current sensor. One thing this board does not include like the ones above are ESC's which is not entirely a bad thing. Being the 5th version of this board, they have made a lot of good improvements. One of the best changes on the v5 is the improved placement of the 5v pads, allowing the VBAT (XT60) connector to be brought closer to the board. On some frames this can be important to reduce the chance of damage.

The VTX is the star of the show in this AIO as its a 25/200/600mW switchable. It also comes with a on/off switch so you can work on your quad powered up without transmitting which is handy.

This board also features an OSD for displaying important information like your voltage and duration of flight in your goggles. Although the XT60 plug is designed to solder directly to the board, we recommend using two short cables between the pads and plug. Once done, zap strapping these cables to the frame will help protect the board from damage if you crash and the battery ejects.


Flight Controller F4
Size 30.5x30.5mm mount
Weight 13.5 grams
Voltage 2-6s
Best for 3-5 inch builds

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Parts required to complete a full build

Now that we have reviewed our top 3 AIO boards, lets see what else is needed to get them flying. Each "Needed" item will link down lower in this article to our recommendations! All recommendations include links to our product database for more product details and links to find the best prices!



Asgard AIO

F4 V5 Pro

Frame 3-4 inch 3-5 Inch 3-5 Inch
FC Included Included Included
ESCs Included Included Needed
PDB Included Included Included
OSD Needed Included Included
Motors Needed Needed Needed
Propellers Needed Needed Needed
FPV Camera Needed Needed Needed
VTX Needed Needed Included
Antenna Needed Needed Needed
Receiver Needed Needed Needed
Batteries Needed Needed Needed

Part Recommendations


  • GEPRC GEP LX5 - This is a great X frame with solid construction. Opt for the LX4 with the KISS CC




EMAX RS2205-S Race Spec Motor


FPV Camera


TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV Race Edition VTX




FrSky X4RSB Receiver


Tattu 1300mAh 4s 75c LiPo

Last updated on June 16, 2017

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