About Me:

My name is Vince and I began flying drones in early 2016 after being intrigued by the technology and photography side. Starting with a Phantom, I quickly realized that flying fast with close proximity to the ground or objects is what really made my blood pump. FPV racing drones were the answer for this desire.

When I built my first FPV quadcopter, the learning curve was massive and the resources spread wide. Pushing through this learning curve was extremely rewarding. I knew that there needed to be better resources available for people who were looking to fly these drones. From that desire, the project was born.

About Controller Craft:

Controller Craft was born in mid-2016 in an effort to centralize drone information - beginning with the FPV racing industry. By gathering and organizing information from a wide range of sources this website helps beginners and experts alike. Future plans for expansion into all multirotor related areas are in the works.

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