Posted in on December 7, 2016

BeeRotor is an FPV product manufacturer. They build and sell a wide range of products for the industry. Everything from frames and parts to video equipment.

BeeRotor - HoneyDrop 5.8GHz

Posted in on December 6, 2016

BeeRotor Honey Drop 5.8GHz Antenna

The HoneyDrop video antennas are an ultra compact 5.8GHz offering from BeeRotor. The antennas are right hand circular polarized with an SMA connector.

BeeRotor - Victory230 ARF

Posted in on January 30, 2017

BeeRotor Victory230 FPV Racing Quadcopter RTF

BeeRotor brings the Victory 230, a 230mm almost-ready-to-fly FPV racing quadcopter. It features an F3 processor, 2300Kv motors and a host of other features.

Beerotor F4 Mini Flight Controller

Posted in on October 23, 2017

BeeRotor Z2010 2400KV ZoeFPV Special Edition

Posted in on January 30, 2017

BeeRotor Z2010 2400KV ZoeFPV Special Edition Motor

BeeRotor presents a ZoeFPV special edition motor for FPV pilots. The motor uses a unique 2010 size at 2400Kv. Optimized for 5" props on 4s LiPo's.

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